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Introduction to Python Programming Language and Programming Logic

Course Information

Course Title Introduction to Python Programming Language and Programming Logic Instructor Murat Genc    
Course Date(s) Session 4: May 10th - July 5th, 2023  (Registration Closed) Duration 8 weeks
Session 5: July 17th - September 10th, 2023     
Format Online - Asynchronous Tuition $49*
Refund Deadline(s) Session 5: July 16th, 11:59PM PT   Register Now

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Terms and Conditions:
  • Registration is open until the 4th week after the session has started.
  • Please note that the course end date is the same for every student in that session. For example, if you register at the end of the 4th week, you will have only 4 weeks to complete the course.
  • Therefore, if you are not sure whether you can complete the course on time, please register for the next session instead.
  • Registration is closed at the end of the 4th week of the session. So, new registrations will be added to the next session.
  • A student can complete the course before the end date if desired. Please inform the instructor after you have completed all of the course requirements.
Please note:
  • *Course tuition is non-refundable after the refund deadline.
  • *If you are admitted and enrolled in the MSCS degree program, the payment for the course fee will be applied as a credit (a discount) toward your tuition or administrative fee.
  • Completing and passing the course does not guarantee admission to the program.

Course Description

This course introduces students to a problem-solving approach to computer applications through the use of Python programming language. It emphasizes Python, in addition to surveying fundamental computer concepts. Programs requiring a variety of control structures and data structures will be assigned to computer solutions. This course is suitable for liberal arts, science, and business students.

Textbook (not mandatory):
  • Starting out with Python, 5th Edition, Tony Gaddis
  • ISBN-13: 9780135929032

Required Software

Python installation instructions will be provided. Download the software here

Course Syllabus

Course materials will be published on Canvas every Monday by 8:00PM

* Introduction to Computers and Programming
* Files and Exceptions
* Software Development, Data Types and Expressions * Lists and Tuples
A001: Test 1, Multiple Choice, T/F Questions A013:Test 5
A002: Coding assignment 1 A014: Coding assignment 9
A003: Coding assignment 2 A015: Coding assignment 10
* Input, Processing and Output
* More about Strings
A004: Test 2 * Dictionaries and Sets
A005: Coding assignment 3 A016:Test 6
A006: Coding assignment 4 A017: Coding assignment 11
  A018: Coding assignment 12
* Decision Structures and Boolean Logic
* Classes and Object Oriented Programming
* Repetition Structures A019:Test 7
A007: Test 3 A020: Coding assignment 13
A008: Coding assignment 5 A021: Coding assignment 14
A009: Coding assignment 6  
* Functions
* Inheritance
A010: Test 4 A022:Coding assignment 15
A011: Coding assignment 7 A023: Coding assignment 16
A012: Coding assignment 8 Final Examination
Midterm Examination  

About the Instructor

Murat Genc: Professor Murat Genc has over 20 years of CS-related work, and 10+ years of CS teaching experience in NY, NJ, and PA. He specialized in programming in 3+ languages and CyberSecurity. Dr. Genc also conducts research studies on AI topics. His teaching philosophy is: "Learn, Design, and Implement"