SFBU Alumni


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Welcome to the homepage of San Francisco Bay University’s Alumni Association. All graduates and former students of SFBU are automatically members of the Alumni Association at SFBU.

The primary goal of SFBU Alumni Relations is to cultivate the feeling of connectedness between graduates and the university, in order to advance objectives. Alumni play a key role in strengthening the relationships among current students, SFBU, and the local community. SFBU Alumni Relations benefits both alumni and current students by offering them the chance to meet, and the opportunity for former students to mentor and assist current students. Please help us in our efforts to further SFBU’s goal to support alumni by hiring other SFBU graduates, encouraging them to join our Alumni Association, and volunteering your time to our events and projects. We can help aspirations become accomplishments.

Network with other alumni, tell the story of your career and life achievements, and keep up with what is happening at SFBU.

Contact the Alumni Office  

Email Dr. Mariam Ghazvini at mariam.ghazvini@sfbu.edu , Mr. Jason Sjah at jason.sjah@sfbu.edu.
Or call 510-803-7328 Ext. 4