Transportation in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as in the U.S. in general can be surprising for people who come from countries with convenient, dependable, and modern public transportation systems. In contrast to residents of Asian and European cities, the majority of people in the U.S. tend to use private instead of public transportation, particularly automobiles. As a result, using a bus, train, taxi, or bicycle may be more challenging, and you may find fewer choices. Prices may be higher, services may not run all night, and the time between buses and trains may be longer. Except in big cities, taxis must be arranged by calling a taxi company, and the costs are considerably higher than for service within a big city.

This page contains links which can help you learn about various options for transportation during your time at SFBU. Students attending colleges and universities in the Bay Area have access to a wide array of transportation options.

Airport to Fremont

Various modes of transportation can get you to San Francisco Bay University from any of the three area airports. Some transportation services are listed below, but many other options are available. Please coordinate your transportation by contacting the following companies or other services.

San Francisco Airport has zones for taxis at the center islands of its roadways. However, some taxis do not go to Fremont. For this reason, arranging transportation ahead of time is the best way to make sure that you arrive in Fremont as planned.

SFBU is not affiliated with any company listed above; therefore, it cannot be held liable or responsible for any acts or behaviors of either the drivers or the businesses.