San Francisco Bay University Admissions and Program Information

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We know that colleges and universities in the Bay Area are in hot demand. Prospective students in the U.S. and all over the world hold the California university system in high regard. People want to learn here.

So, what are the types of programs that might draw a student to SFBU? Read on as we dive into the programs San Francisco Bay University offers.

What Levels of University Programs are Offered at SFBU?

SFBU is proud to offer undergraduate and graduate degree programs. An undergraduate degree is the first level of university studies you can apply for straight from high school, or transfer into from a community college or other undergraduate institution. An undergraduate program is what you complete to earn your bachelor’s degree. Graduate degrees represent both master's and doctoral-level degrees. At San Francisco Bay University, you can earn a master’s degree by completing one of our graduate programs. SFBU programs have a certain number of required courses you need to take – along with your electives – to obtain your degree.

What Business Undergraduate and Graduate Programs Does SFBU Offer?

San Francisco Bay University’s School of Business and Information Technology provides both bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. SFBU offers these programs to help students develop career-focused business and technology competencies. Students complete these programs empowered and insightful; ready to enter the workplace as solution-oriented leaders and lifelong learners.

The School of Business and Information Technology is committed to providing excellence in education. Our programs are designed to help students build a portfolio of professional skills through continuously updated curricula, modern facilities, and new technologies across all programs and courses. SFBU students use technology to their advantage in the learning environment.

People here in the San Francisco Bay Area love new ideas. And they are not shy about bringing them up in conversation. It isn’t a matter of arrogance, but more of confidence and inquisitiveness. The schools, businesses, and governments of Northern California foster an environment of participation and contribution. They live by the idea that you should bring something to teach and be prepared to learn.

Prospective students have access to programs that include both a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Business Administration. These programs are designed to help students grow and learn where business, technology, science, and leadership intersect. Students are exposed to tried-and-true management principles, best practices, data management and analysis, and much more.

MBA students learn what it takes to be both an effective manager and leader in the 21st century. From management to marketing, human resources, finance, technology, and more – SFBU MBA students graduate fully prepared. Program graduates are able to make efficient and effective decisions in today’s complex, fast-paced, and increasingly global society.

Students also have the option to fast-track their MBA - you can complete your MBA in as little as one calendar year by taking 12 units/4 courses per semester.

What Engineering Undergraduate and Graduate Programs Does SFBU Offer?

The SFBU School of Engineering offers programs in both electrical engineering and computer science. Both programs heavily rely on cutting-edge principles, forward-thinking concepts, and hands-on learning.

At our School of Electrical Engineering, we bring the natural sciences, engineering, and information technology together. We aim to provide our students with a high-quality education in the field of electrical engineering, while also encouraging their creativity, integrity, and research interest.

SFBU’s School of Computer Science offers one of the most cutting-edge computer science programs not just in California, but nationally. Graduates of our computer science program can expect to make continuous contributions in technological development and innovation in hardware, software, and networking technology. Our computer science programs train the next generation of innovators in computing technology.

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program gain the knowledge required to get sought-after high-technology jobs. And graduating from a university in Silicon Valley certainly doesn’t hurt. SFBU computer science students graduate ready to master in-demand computing skills, solve complex problems, and innovate in the technology sector.

From the everyday to the incredibly complex, students enrolled in our Master of Science in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science programs become experts in subjects that influence the core of almost all technology. Graduates will enter the workforce with advanced knowledge and hands-on electronics engineering and computer science experience.

How Should You Choose Your SFBU Program?

A 2019 study found that 51% of students were not confident in their career path when they enrolled in college. Statistics like these don’t make choosing your university program any easier.

There is a reason why attending a college or university is such a high-pressure decision. This is your career we’re talking about. This is about the rest of your life. It is no small matter and certainly requires a lot of thought and consideration. What you major in; what program you study – these decisions are not to be taken lightly.

That’s why the first and best thing you can do is study your interests. Ask yourself this simple question: “What interests me?” Because your interests are one of the biggest factors when considering a university program. And studying subjects that interest you makes university life a lot easier and more enjoyable.

Location is another important consideration. Are you considering a university program in Northern California? Certainly, this is an appealing environment, and where you are shapes what interests you. Think about choosing a university in a location with close proximity to companies where you might want to work upon graduation. San Francisco Bay University’s Silicon Valley location is very advantageous to students looking to land a job with one of the nearby tech companies.

It doesn’t hurt to talk to friends, family, or even faculty. Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions about your career and SFBU program choices. We’re here waiting to provide you with a first-class education.

Do you have questions? Here at SFBU, we have answers. Feel free to contact one of our counselors or send us a message today. We welcome you to SFBU!