Application Series: How to Apply to SFBU’s Undergraduate Program

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After completing high school, many young people find themselves at a crossroads. With a job market as hot as the one we have today, there are plenty of options. Employers added nearly half-a-million workers at the end of 2021 alone, and 2022 is shaping up to be another gangbusters year for those seeking employment. So, what’s a student to do once they graduate? Well, one thing they could do is apply to an undergraduate computer science program in California. Why? Because California is home to the highest cluster of hi-tech companies in the world.

Research shows that getting a college degree vastly improves your chances of landing the job you want and increases your money-making potential. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, getting a degree increases your median usual weekly earnings. That’s why most students, upon completing high school, consider pursuing a college degree. And completing your undergraduate degree not only helps you land a great job and increase your earning potential, it also helps you build a strong educational foundation, improve your technical skills, and prepare you for the career of your dreams. Still, you need to make sure the undergraduate degree you choose is right for you and learn what it entails.

What is an Undergraduate Degree and What Does it Require?

An undergraduate degree is a bachelor’s degree. They are one and the same. An undergraduate degree is a credential you receive when you complete a course of study at a college or university. Here at San Francisco Bay University, we offer undergraduate degrees in the following disciplines:

If you are considering a college degree, you might be thinking about getting a graduate degree. Undergraduate and graduate degrees both offer key credentials but have distinct requirements and outcomes. Undergraduate programs usually require students to complete high school and take college entrance exams like the SAT or the ACT exam. They may also require personal essays, reference letters, and interviews.

Most bachelor's degree programs are designed to take students four years to complete. Undergraduate students usually take dozens of courses that cover their main area of study and provide basic education in areas like math, science, language, and culture. Requirements may vary depending on the degree.

To earn an undergraduate degree, students must complete the required courses and ensure they achieve a minimum grade point average. Once an undergraduate degree has been obtained, students will generally be qualified for entry- or mid-level careers of their choice, or they can move on to apply for graduate programs. As we mentioned before, earning a bachelor’s degree can qualify you for jobs in many industries and greatly increase your earning potential. But before a prospective student can even apply for an undergraduate degree, they must complete the steps required to be accepted.

How to Apply to the SFBU Undergraduate Program

Here at SFBU, our goal is to assist new students in embarking on their journey to obtain a bachelor’s degree in a discipline of their choosing. We assist through every step of the process, whether it be explaining admission requirements or even just learning more about the institution. We also accept students from community colleges interested in obtaining a four-year degree.

To apply for an undergraduate computer science program in California - one offered by SFBU - prospective students need to complete specific steps. These steps are the same for those seeking an undergraduate degree in business or computer science.

There are four essential steps involved in applying for your undergraduate program. They include:

  • Review the requirements below, depending on whether you are local, international, transfer-in, or change of status (see below).
  • Create your SFBU Applicant Portal account.
  • Submit your application.
  • Submit your official documents.

There are four different potential student categories who apply for an undergraduate degree:

It is important to consider that your application deadlines are different depending on what semester you apply for. Here are the deadlines depending on the type of student you enter as. They are:

Semester Deadline
(International and COS)
(Local & Transfer-in)
Spring October 15 December 5
Summer February 15 April 5
Fall June 15 August 5

There are also specific Tuition Deposit Deadlines students must keep in mind, depending on where they apply from. To secure your seat after admission, the following deadlines must be considered:

Semester Tuition Deposit
Tuition Deposit
(Local, Transfer-in)
Spring December 4 December 25
Summer April 9 April 26
Fall July 30 August 20

Official documents you must gather as part of the application process include:

  • SFBU Application: Simple questions and personal details.
  • High School and/or College Grades or Transcripts: If you are a foreign student, ensure these documents are translated into English.
  • Identification Documentation: This includes an ID card or driver’s license for local students or a passport for international students so that SFBU can issue you a Form I-20 upon admission.
  • Motivation and/or Reference Letters: You will need to provide letters of reference to show that you are suitable for an undergraduate program at SFBU.

The basic rule of applying for an undergraduate university program is to apply as soon as possible. The sooner you apply, the better, as you have a greater chance of getting your materials together and ensuring acceptance. Early applications also provide you with greater chances of getting a scholarship or tuition assistance if you choose to apply for either.

Colleges and universities in the bay area are competitive. Whether you are applying for an undergraduate program in California or otherwise, the university system here has a lot to offer, from computer science programs and business programs to engineering programs and more. That’s why we want to make sure you are comfortable in your journey. You can either schedule an admission information session and plan a visit or simply submit an admissions inquiry form. We want to make sure your journey to an SFBU undergraduate program is simple and easy to navigate. Do not hesitate to use the forms above, contact us at 510-803-7328, or email us at Let us help you get started.