SFBU Now Offers Class Online

Distance Learning. Happy  male student is studying online With Laptop And Headset

San Francisco Bay University is now proud to offer classes online! Similar to attending a physical campus and learning in person, there are specific pros and cons to learning within a virtual classroom setting. But online learning is here to stay. Companies must reskill to meet the demands of a modern and remote workforce. In fact, according to the Future of Jobs Report 2020, 84% percent of employers are set to rapidly digitalize working processes, including a significant expansion of remote work—with the potential to move 44% of their workforce to operate remotely. With so many people working remotely, online education in its many forms is here to stay. And like many other universities in San Francisco, California, we are glad to bring online classes to our student body.

What Classes Does SFBU Offer Online?

It is important that you evaluate the pros and cons of online learning before you make your choice. Students should feel comfortable in the knowledge that what is covered in an in-person class is also covered in an online course. There is no appreciable difference between a degree earned in person and one earned online. If you are intrigued by the possibilities online learning opens up, consider the classes offered by San Francisco Bay University. Universities in San Francisco, California are held to a higher standard. You can expect the same level of rigorous learning and top-notch professors online as you have come to expect in person.

Most of the degree programs we offer here at SFBU are offered in the online modality. That includes:

It is important for students to schedule a session with our admissions office to verify that they meet all the eligibility requirements for online classes. While all classes in the online approved degree programs are available in theory, SFBU only offers a specific set of classes during each semester, so not all classes are available at all times. A quick discussion with one of our admissions counselors will determine which classes are available for online learning and when.

Why Are Online Classes Important?

Among some of the many benefits of online learning, students who take classes online enjoy the more flexible nature of online learning. Taking online classes allows students who want to start working right away to develop their careers right alongside their education. The increased flexibility that comes with a lack of a commute is tangible. And students attending universities in San Francisco, California know traffic can be a real nightmare. The time saved not having to drive to school is significant.

Online classes also save students both time and money. First, if a student travels from another location to campus, they are losing time in the commute. Online classes allow students to log into their classes without the hassle of a long commute. Second, online classes save students money. According to data updated August, 2021, students who commute to a college or university in San Francisco, California - or beyond - pay on average $3,400 a year in transportation costs.

Still, online learning may not be for everyone. It certainly requires a dedicated mindset. Staying on-task and being self-motivated are both critical factors to ensuring you not only succeed but excel in your online classes. And the added flexibility that comes with online learning can be a double-edged sword without proper discipline. It’s important for students to carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages of online learning before they make the decision to switch to virtual classes.

What Are the Benefits of Online Learning?

We already talked about the benefits of flexible learning, but let’s dive a little deeper into that topic. Virtual classrooms are great for people who are working and going to school. When attending virtual classes, students have a lot more autonomy in their schedule by cutting out the commute and saving time on in-person requirements. When you have more control over your schedule, it becomes easier to avoid distractions.

Keeping a flexible learning schedule provides you with more free time. The extra time you gain from taking classes online can be used any way you want, whether it be for more time studying, focusing on your career, or spending more time with your family. When all you need is an internet connection and a laptop or tablet, more effective learning can be found right at your fingertips.

Another important distinction in online learning is the increased levels of collaboration students are exposed to. When students have more flexibility, they have more time for virtual group work sessions and meetings. Most universities in San Francisco, California, and other states, offer message boards and grouping tools for their students. This allows the online student body to post feedback on their readings and assignments and respond to and interact with other classmates and teachers.

Online learning allows for more personalized education. Teachers who teach classes online also have more free time. Students benefit from teachers who can spend more time with them. Students who aren’t as assertive might find more opportunities to participate in class when they are not collaborating with people in an in-person environment. Professors also have more time to spend one-on-one with students, addressing their specific needs.

Are you ready to start your journey through higher education in an online learning environment? Let SFBU guide you through the process and determine whether virtual learning is right for you! And in the meantime, to help your decision, check out our piece evaluating the pros and cons of eLearning.