Why an MSCS Computer Science Degree is Right for You

Smiling student working on computer

Let’s face it, the ROI you get from obtaining an MSCS computer science degree is undeniable. MSCS graduates are instantly qualified to step into high-paying, high-demand computer science careers. Graduates can then move on to specialty areas of the field such as artificial intelligence, biomechanics, robotics, cybersecurity, and coding.

Computer science graduates also have high earning potential upon graduation. With a base salary of $89,000 per year, it isn’t long before computer science graduates are making six figures. And when Forbes ranked graduate degrees by a salary increase, the M.S. in Computer Science came in second. Still, is this the career for you?

Computer science graduates understand that this is a discipline that is best learned by doing. Students must get down into the coding trenches and learn the ins and outs of today’s most advanced technology. It may seem difficult. And because of this, some professionals with a bachelor’s question whether a master’s in computer science is worth it. Are you asking yourself, “Should I get an MSCS computer science degree?” Let’s look at the pros and cons.

Benefits of an MSCS Computer Science Degree

While a bachelor’s in computer science will serve you well, you need more than basic knowledge about computers and their applications. You still need a lot of advanced and practical knowledge. A Master’s degree represents a good way to gain expert knowledge. An MSCS will also open up a lot of job opportunities. You can secure your financial future by working for companies that are in the Fremont area.

Advanced computer knowledge is required for a significant number of in-demand jobs. From scientists to technical experts, IT workers, data analysts, machine learning specialists, cybersecurity experts, and more. These industries and disciplines rely on advanced computer knowledge. And companies that operate within these industries are willing to pay well and offer handsome benefits to computer science graduates.

In addition to great pay, companies looking for computer science graduates offer long-term job security, and continuous uptraining. And opportunities are only growing. The job outlook for computer science graduates from 2021-2031, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is 21%, or much faster than average. According to current data, this rate is faster than the average of many other occupations.

Technology is Always Changing

Technological advancements require quite a bit of lead time and research. Computer technology is constantly growing, changing, evolving, and expanding into society. Take data collection as just one example. The increasing need for data collection requires the hiring of more data scientists. Just consider that the world now generates an estimated 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. Where does the data go? How do you collate and mine it? These are questions data scientists ponder every day. It’s exciting stuff!

Computer and research scientists are highly sought today because of the interdependency on technological advancements and inventions. Interoperability between systems has become a hot topic as disparate systems join each other in the cloud. And as they join each other in the cloud, cybersecurity is more important than ever.

Many MSCS computer science graduates will go on to work in network and cloud security. Cyberattacks have become quite common and software engineers and analysts are required to devise ways to minimize and mitigate the damage from these threats. In fact, many computer scientists are involved in creating entirely new programming languages for this purpose.

Should You Apply for a Master’s in Computer Science Program?

This is an appropriate question no matter what you study. “Should I study [insert discipline here]” is a question asked by just about every student. There are certainly arguments to be made on either side of an MSCS degree. Certainly, you have already done the work on a bachelor’s degree. But what it really comes down to, as with almost everything else, is you. Here are some questions to consider:

  • What are your goals?
  • Where do you see yourself in the next five to ten years?
  • Do you have the time (and money) to devote to school?
  • Does your employer expect you to get an advanced degree?

You, and only you, can determine if a computer science master’s degree is worth it.

As you finalize your decision, take some time to learn more about what an MSCS computer science degree will do for you. Here are some questions to consider as you make this evaluation:

  • Where can you take classes?
  • Are you a good candidate to pursue a master’s in computer science?
  • How do you want to use the degree?
  • What is the cost of the degree?
  • What are your future salary expectations?

Considering these factors will put you on the right path to the right decision.

What Can You Expect from a Master’s in Computer Science Degree Program in the US?

Before you can decide to do a thing, you must know about it. Obviously, if you’ve already studied for your bachelor’s, then you have a pretty good idea of what to expect. In short, a master’s in computer science, or MSCS degree, is a graduate degree that provides current computer scientists and engineers with the opportunity to expand their knowledge base and gain a more sophisticated understanding of development, troubleshooting, and advanced principles. MSCS in computer science programs cover topics like computer language theory, advanced software development, advanced algorithms, quantum computing, machine learning, and more.

Ultimately, what you study will depend on your previous education and career focus up to this point. Some CS master’s programs waive basic courses for students who have completed similar coursework during their undergraduate studies. Additional courses depend on your concentration and post-graduate goals. Be prepared to complete a master’s thesis and a capstone project to complete your degree.

At San Francisco Bay University, the Master of Science in Computer Science degree program prepares students for the complexities of advanced software engineering and internet applications. Students acquire knowledge of advanced design, development, deployment, and integration principles. Once they graduate, SFBU students gain access to some of the most exclusive high-tech companies in the area. And with generous scholarship options, consider SFBU as you study for your MSCS in computer science!