Student Spotlight: John Odebode

John Odebode Profile Picture with Master of Business Administration program degree at San Francisco Bay University


John Odebode
Master of Business Administration program

This is San Francisco Bay University student John Odebode. John has just completed his final trimester at SFBU, and will be graduating with his Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree at the upcoming ceremony happening in May.

Having grown up in Nigeria, John pursued a Bachelor’s and Master's degree in Philosophy at the University of Lagos, and later landed a job in Supply Chain with ExxonMobil. His six years of experience in the field motivated him to pursue an MBA, which landed him at San Francisco Bay University.

"It took me securing a graduate internship at ExxonMobil in 2016 to have a sense of direction on where exactly I was headed. I had the opportunity to work in the procurement department at ExxonMobil, Nigeria, which opened me up to a world of possibilities in the business space. Ever since then, I picked up interest in supply chain management–that has been the lane for me."

Although he misses them dearly, John's parents, three brothers, and one sister, who reside in Nigeria, continue to support his aspirations of pursuing education and a career. Apart from his academic and professional pursuits, John likes to play soccer and actively participates in a local league in Santa Clara.

In his search for an MBA program that aligned with his specific goals, John found SFBU to be an ideal choice due to its curriculum. Furthermore, he was fortunate enough to receive a scholarship to support his studies. John also recognized the benefits of the smaller class sizes at SFBU, as they allowed him to build closer relationships with his professors and customize his education to suit his unique experiences and career aspirations. Small classes create a more personalized learning experience. John noted that “There’s a lot of innovation happening in this environment, and the prospect of being a part of it was a deciding factor in why I chose SFBU.”

What John likes most about SFBU is “the people! The professors and staff members have a sincere interest in my success, and I speak for all students when I say there is a sense of commitment for professors and staff to contribute positively to our lives and support our dreams.”

When asked about his proudest moment, John said, “I’ve had a lot, and there will be more to come, but I’ve had the privilege to connect with many prospective students and see them transition to current SFBU students reporting to campus. It gives me a lot of joy knowing that I helped them through their decision-making process.”

The Capstone Project holds a special place in John's mind, as it is designed to encapsulate all the knowledge he has gained in the MBA program thus far, and utilize it to create a comprehensive business plan. John’s project was a business plan for Maestro 360, a sports management company.

For John, the best part about going to school here is “the diversity of the environment: there are people from all walks of life, ethnic groups, and cultures, and it has been a great experience connecting with all these people. I’ve learned so much about other cultures and perspectives on life.”

As a participant in SFBU's Curricular Practical Training (CPT) program, John had the opportunity to intern while studying. He secured an internship with Cummins Inc. through CPT and was determined to excel in his role, striving to meet and exceed his manager's expectations while balancing his academic workload. This experience taught John the value of time management and to maximize his productivity. His hard work paid off, and he was eventually offered a full-time position at the end of his internship. John will return to Cummins Inc. in June in the role of Value Package Introduction (VPI) Integrator, Technical Sourcing, and Cost Management. John explains, “The value I have gotten from SFBU is beyond paying them to provide a service. I have gotten much more than what I have paid for.”

When asked about the individuals who have had an impact on his life, several people come to John's mind. His father's strong sense of responsibility has played a significant role in shaping him into the person he is today. Moreover, Mr. Dele-Ijagbulu Folu, his manager at ExxonMobil, has been a major influence on John's career, inspiring him to pursue a career in supply chain management. Folu's exemplary leadership qualities have left a lasting impression on John, to the extent that he would wake up on Monday mornings looking forward to working with him. Additionally, at SFBU, Executive Vice President Paul Choi's work ethic and drive have influenced John's approach to his career.

John believes that success is "making the most of the moment and giving the very best to everything you do. It’s a journey, never a destination."

John’s advice to current and prospective students is this:

"There is more to SFBU than what you get in class and what you have been asked to do by your professors, so take advantage of every opportunity SFBU has to offer you!"

Congratulations and best wishes, John, throughout your next journey and beyond. Thank you for being such an inspiration to the San Francisco Bay University community!