Graduate Certificate in Business Management (GCM)

CIP Code: 52.0201

This 18-unit (6-graduate courses) program provides an extensive foundation in management, equivalent to the first academic year of SFBU's 36-unit MBA program utilizing actual SFBU MBA courses and university faculty.

The GCM shares the MBA Program's Objective:

The objective of the program is to provide aspiring leaders a broad base of field-proven interdisciplinary business concepts in management, marketing, human resources, finance, analytics, and technology that will enable them to launch their professional careers to the next level. Program graduates will have acquired the flexibility of thought to make wise decisions in today's complex, diverse, multicultural, and global business settings and to enhance their careers.

The GCM shares the MBA Program's Learning Outcomes(PLOs):

Graduating students are expected to demonstrate the following program learning outcomes –

  • (PLO 1) Written Communication - In a contextually appropriate manner, write strategic business plans and tactical implementation plans.
  • (PLO 2) Oral Communication - In a business setting, craft and deliver compelling messages, based on logic and variety of supporting materials.
  • (PLO 3) Quantitative Reasoning - Convert relevant information into insightful mathematical portrayals and apply across a wide range of business situations.
  • (PLO 4) Information Literacy - Determine, acquire, and analyze data needed from multiple sources in order to create recommendations for complex business situations.
  • (PLO 5) Critical Thinking - Methodically solve multi-criteria business and managerial problems.
  • (PLO 6) Specialized Knowledge - Synthesize concepts in management, finance, accounting, and marketing to resolve complex business challenges.

GCM Curriculum

A minimum of 18 semester units of graduate study earned at SFBU are required for the GCM program. The GCM curriculum includes MBA acceptable coursework. Students must earn a CGPA of 3.0 to earn the Certificate. The Graduate Certificate in Business Management admissions follows an open and inclusive approach admissions process, with the student taking the responsibility to determine their readiness and ability to successfully address graduate level academics, hence, course prerequisite/corequisites are not enforced for GCM students.

I. Core Required Management Courses (6 units)

Take at least 2 out of the 3 following the courses below to gain a knowledge base of business theories and techniques.

FIN501 Financial Management
HRM531 Human Resource Management
MGT530 Logistics and Operations Management

The third course if taken will be counted towards Section II below for selectable business courses.

II. Selectable Business Courses Selectable from the MBA Acceptable Pool (12 units)

Beyond Core Requirements, the student is required to take at least 12 units of graduate level business (major) coursework (courses numbered 4xxG, 5xx) to meet this requirement. Courses must be from the School of Business, or CPT, or Career Development. Refer to individual course descriptions listed under the MBA program.

Curricular Practicum: Not more than 3 units of practicum coursework may be counted towards the GCM. When applicable, the student may take curricular practicum courses (CPT501 or CPT502) and engage in practical training to work on company projects that are directly related to the student’s course of study. The student must observe the rules required for taking the practicum courses.

Career Development: P450G Career Development (1 unit)
This course is designed for students to take in preparation for becoming working professionals. Topics include effective communication strategies, emotional intelligence, diversity and cultural awareness, professional behavior, resume writing, job searching skills, and interviewing skills.

Emotional Intelligence: Emotional Intelligence courses SOC501 (1 unit) Emotional Intelligence and SOC450G (3 units) Emotional Intelligence are considered major pool courses and are acceptable to be taken in the GCM as either major or electives. Emotional Intelligence (EI/EQ) is essential for successfully managing and controlling interpersonal relations and therefore helpful to those aspiring to management positions.

Courses from the School of Engineering are not allowed.

Note: BUS595 - MBA Business Capstone course is not applicable to the GCM program.

Note: The GCM program does not offer formal concentrations.

BSBA to GCM to MBA Program Pathway Sequence:

Through carefully planning, undergraduate SFBU students may enter the GCM program on their way to earning their MBA at SFBU. Without loss SFBU graduate level units accepted into the GCM program may in turn be counted by MBA student at the next level towards their MBA (core, major or electives), with the effect of making the GCM a stepping stone towards the MBA.

BSCS or BSBA students who took elective business courses earning MBA graduate level credits can transfer the MBA units, but engineering units are not transferable. For example, SFBU students may earn BSBA/BSCS, GCM and finally an MBA. Required GCM core and selectable courses do not need to be retaken and will be credited within the MBA program.

Joint MBA and GCM
Actively enrolled MBA students may request after paying the GCM graduation fee, a Graduate Certificate in Business Management certificate upon completing all GCM graduation requirements, even if they have not completed their MBA program.