We’re Proud to Be a University in Fremont California

A group diversity students are taking the picture in front of SFBU booth

It’s quite likely you’ve heard of San Francisco, but you might not have heard of Fremont. And yet, our hometown of Fremont, California is a hotbed of innovation, culture, networking, community, and opportunity. While it may not be the most well-known city, many of the companies and institutions that call Fremont home are very well-known. Take Tesla, as one example. Fremont was the site for Tesla’s first manufacturing facility. Over time, many articles have come out detailing the hard-working working nature of Californians. We’re proud to be a university in Fremont, California.

Is Fremont the Happiest City in California?

You heard it here; Fremont is the happiest city in California. After WalletHub surveyed America’s 182 biggest cities and Fremont, California came in first place! We’re not just the happiest city in California, we’re the happiest city in the nation! It’s pretty incredible really. And it’s why SFBU is happy to call this town home. These happiness factors measured income, employment, community, and environmental health.

Here's an interesting tidbit from the survey. Fremont had the lowest divorce rate in the United States and the fourth-highest sports participation rate. The fact is, Fremont is a strong and vibrant community with a city government that has worked hard to maintain economic prosperity within the city. We are surrounded by a lot of other cities. Indeed, being a suburb of San Francisco is no small feat. But Fremont capitalizes on its unique location in the heart of Silicon Valley. It is a technology-forward community that has created growth without waste or bloated spending.

Just consider for a moment the changes that Fremont has made. Did you know the final gasoline combustion car factory in California was right here in Fremont? That’s right. It closed in 2010. And guess who would go on to buy it? Elon Musk. From the past to the future. While much of the manufacturing at Tesla is done by machines, it still became the number one employer in Fremont very quickly. As a university in Fremont, we are proud to have students who have gone on to work for Tesla upon graduation.

Innovation Happens in Fremont

There is a reason why so many companies come to Fremont. At one point Fremont had the most startups per capita in the nation. What sets Fremont apart is the innovation clusters that grow here. With some of the most high-tech companies in America headquartered right here, incubators, accelerators, and private equity firms have money to spend. Longtime business professionals want to foster and grow companies that thrive on innovation.

Although there are other tech hot spots sprouting around the country, the Silicon Slopes being one example, none have come close to eclipsing the sheer number of technology companies thriving in our area. Fremont is also a very diverse city. More than 40% of Fremont’s population is foreign-born, which creates an environment of unique thought. It’s why our city is routinely thought of as an idea factory.

Being a dynamic, desirable city is what sets Fremont apart, and not only in the entire Bay Area or even the state. But in the country. Fremont’s population has grown by over 10% in 2020 and its median income is higher than the national standard, at $142,474. We hate to say all the happiness is about median income, but more money certainly does’nt hurt. Not all universities in Fremont graduate as many students to some of these high-paying jobs. We’re proud to say we have.

Beneficial Business Legislation in Fremont

Fremont has also created some interesting local ordinances and regulations to stimulate business growth. One such example was the creation of the “Small Business Ally” program nearly a decade ago. This program streamlined the permitting process at City Hall. Rather than forcing new companies to go through onerous red tape and endless bureaucracy, the City of Fremont assigned a single point of contact assistant to help new businesses get their legs under them. Having an individual on your side through the process prevents unnecessary paperwork and helps you corral important documents.

Some worried that assigning a single administrator to the program was dangerous. After all, that’s a lot of power and responsibility on one person. But it worked and the climate for small businesses and overall business growth improved in Fremont proper. It also helps surrounding areas prosper. Businesses had confidence that they had an ally on the inside and the state government was able to quickly scale up business growth and tax receipts.

Today, Fremont’s prosperity is clear and evident in the numbers. Fremont’s unemployment rate is only 2.6%. Highly skilled people from all over the world come to Fremont to start companies and help other companies grow and succeed. As a result, employers have a specific imperative to hire only the best people, no matter where they come from. And while housing costs are on the rise – as they are across the country – the city has expanded its services to help the needs of its citizens.

Lots For Students from a Fremont University to Do

One of the highlights of Fremont sits in the center of town. Many San Francisco Bay University students meet, study, and network at the Block at Pacific Commons and work in the Fremont Business Park, located on Christy Street. The Block has quickly become one of Fremont’s hottest entertainment and shopping districts. The area around the Block and business park is a hotbed of activity.

Fortunately, it’s easy for students to get around Fremont and out to the wider cities beyond. Public transportation servicing universities and colleges in Fremont is well-developed and reliable. Students need not wait long to catch a train or bus.

There is also a wealth of different outdoor activities well within reach of Fremont. Whether students want to get outside or stay within the bounds of the city proper, they have plenty of options. As a premier university in Fremont, SFBU is proud to call this amazing city home. We invite prospective students from around the world to consider Fremont when they consider an education. Learn more here.