Career Development

Career Plan

The SFBU Career Center has the answers for you

  • How do I discover a career that's right for me?
  • How do I explore career options?
  • How do I decide which career to choose?
  • How do I prepare to search for a job?

Career Development Phases

Now that you’ve graduated, you likely have a number of questions about what your career has in store for you. We are here to help. No matter which SFBU program you’ve pursued, we have the resources you need to strategize your next move.

Join us at one or more of our many career workshops or schedule your appointment with the Career Counselor at

The SFBU Career Center offers workshops, including:

  • Job Search Tips
  • Resumes and Cover Letter Writing
  • Interviewing
  • Networking



Areas of interest Possibilities within major


Explore your interests Explore opportunities


The industry/Clusters Discover hidden job markets


Choose the right company Choose the right position